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Herpstat Product Comparison Chart Herpstat Intro Herpstat Intro+ Herpstat 1 Basic Herpstat 1 Herpstat 2 Herpstat 4 (Ver2)
 MSRP list price $99 $109 $115 $139 $195 $339
 Number of outputs 1 1 1 1 2 4
 AC outlet type    (Standard=2 Prongs     Grounded=3 Prongs) Standard Standard Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded
 AC input cord length 5.5ft 5.5ft 6ft upgradable 6ft upgradable 6ft upgradable 6ft
 Safety fuse type AutoReset AutoReset 6.3A 5x20mm
User Replaceable
6.3A 5x20mm
User Replaceable
8.0A 5x20mm
User Replaceable
3.5A 5x20mm
User Replaceable
 Maximum wattage 350W 350W 700W 700W 900W Total (500/Output) 1600W Total (400/Output)
 Includes 12ft replaceable precision temperature probe x1 x1 x1 x1 x2 x4
 Sets and displays in tenths of a degree
 Built in audible alarms
 High / Low temperature tracking
 Advanced automatic soft start temperature ramping
 Advanced diming proportional control
 Advanced pulse proportional control
 Compatibility with basking lights for a heat source
 Built in nighttime temperature option *✓ *✓ *✓
 User adjustable daytime/nighttime transition ramping up to a 10 hour period *✓ *✓ *✓
 Recommended for cages and incubators
 Can be used as a light controller to simulate sunrise/sunset *✓
 Recommended for rack systems
 Built in safety power relay
 Works with optional humidity sensor for true humidity control
 External input for triggering alarms
 Every unit pretested before final packaging
         * Night cycle features based on software clock. View product manuals for details.


  The Herpstat proportional thermostats and humidity controllers are considered the best in the reptile industry. Known for their reliability and features tailored specifically to reptile habitat control and incubation the Herpstats are used by top breeders to assure their animals receive the best care.