How to test the Herpstat hardware.

The Herpstats products are very reliable. We pretest every unit before we ship . However, if you suspect the Herpstat is not working properly here is how to test the device:

First unplug the Herpstat from the wall. 
Unplug all heating devices from the back of the Herpstat. 
Remove the probes from the back of the Herpstat.
Hold down the PLUS button while plugging the power back into the wall.
When you see LOADING DEFAULTS on the lcd release the plus button.
The unit should start to beep with an error since the probe is not plugged in.  
Plug in the probe into the #1 probe jack.  It should show a temperature on the display.
Use a regular incandescent table lamp, turn its switch to the on position, and plug it straight into the wall to verify you have light.
Then unplug the lamp from the wall and plug it into the output #1 on the Herpstat. 

All Herpstats default to having only the #1 output turned on and set to 85 degrees. If the temperature of the probe is below 85 degrees the lamp should be on.  If the lamp is not on then you may have popped the safety fuse.  Refer to the user manual on resetting or replacing the fuse.  If the lamp is on then unplug the temperature probe.  The unit should start to beep and the light should no longer be lit.  If light does go out when the probe is unplugged then you have succesfully confirmed that output is working properly.  

If you have a multi-output thermostat then you will need to enter the menu and enable the next output by changing its mode to Heat (dimming) mode and repeat the process.  Models such as the Herpstat Intro are a single output thermostat.  All 3 outlets on the cord are connected together.  After testing all the outlets on the Herpstat the unit passes the testing then it is suggested to reset the factory defaults again using the plus button as described above to clear the settings used during the test.  Reset all options to your desired settings.  

If after performing this test the hardware appears to be damaged then send us an email ( with your symptoms and results from this test. 

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