Can a single output thermostat control multiple enclosures?

Can I use a single output thermostat to control more than one enclosure if they are the same size? 

Some people do use one thermostat for two enclosures. The problem with this is you are only monitoring one enclosure and if the heat tape ever comes unplugged or fails (which isn't all that uncommon) the thermostat will continue to provide power to the output because the temp in that cage is dropping which means the other enclosures that do not have a temperature probe will overheat and not only could cause a fire safety issue but could certainly cause a health safety issue with the animal. This setup is commonly used in racks and thats because the levels of heat tape will heat the whole enclosure. Its still possible to have a catastrophic failure but some of the heat from the levels above and below will bleed over and could help it shut off just in a high overheat condition. Separate enclosures the exact same size will mimic each other to an extent but they can be a few degrees off from each other and again for safety reasons it should always be one thermostat to an enclosure unless its a rack system. 

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