Invalid or Missing Error Message

Missing error message:

This means the unit cannot communicate with the temperature sensor in the tip of the probe.  Typically this is due to damage to the probe cord .  To test try plugging a different probe into the probe jack and confirm that you get a reading.  If you do then you know its the probe.  


This error can also occur on models compatible with our humidity sensor if the units mode is set to a humidity probe but a temperature sensor is plugged in.  Enter the menu and select the output number that is giving the error and select MODE.  Make sure the mode is set to Heating (dimming) mode then exit the menu and see if it shows a temperature then.


Invalid Temp error message:

1. If the probe temp is over its limit (around 150F) or under its limit (around 40F).


2. If the invalid error pops up randomly and then runs fine for a while and then repeats it could be a sign of electrical interference.   In this case move all the probe wires so they are 6+ inches away from the electrical wires wherever possible.    If that doesn’t solve it and you have a model that supports pulse proportional mode then go into the menu and select the output that shows the error and change its MODE to heating (Pulse) mode.  Then recheck your target temp and exit the menu and see if it works better in pulse mode with your equipment.


3. On a small batch of older plastic tipped probes if the tip of the probe gets saturated and water gets absorbed in to where its affecting the sensor the invalid error can occur.  As a temporary fix  unplug the unit and use a hair dryer on the tip of the probe for a couple of minutes (or put under a basking light for 15 minutes or so).  Then let it cool for five minutes and try it again.  


If you continue to have an invalid error message we have a probe exchange program and for that info click here.

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