What to do for a missing or delayed shipment.

What to do for a missing or delayed shipment:


Start by checking your tracking through the shipping carrier.  If you do not have your tracking number you can click here to log into your account and view your order's tracking number.  If you do not have an account or cannot log in you can check your email.  Our webstore sends an email every time we print a shipping label.  You may have to check your spam folders (especially if you use gmail)  in case your email provider filed it there. 


If your tracking shows delivered and you did not receive it:

If your package was shipped USPS contact your local post office with your tracking and have them investigate.  Have them check with your postman to find out where the package was delivered.  During delivery often the post office records a GPS location so they can determine if the package was scanned on your property.  If it was then most likely your package was stolen and you may have to file a police report.  If your packaged was shipped via UPS please contact them with your tracking to find out if they have gps record of it being delivered.  If the shipping carrier confirms they delivered it to the correct address you may be a victim of porch theft and you may want to contact the authorities.  If UPS advises you to have the sender start a trace on the pacakge please use the contact us form on this site and we will do so.  


If your tracking still shows in transit:

If your shipment went through USPS and your tracking shows the package in transit and it has been 10 days or longer since shipment we can file a missing mail search through the USPS.  The USPS will then start looking for your package and if found it will continue on its way to your ship to address.  If your packaged was shipped via UPS you may be able to contact them directly and get an update. 


Refunds for Lost or Stolen packages:

Check your order to see if you purchased insurance.  If insurance was purchased then a insurance claim can be filed per the insurance companies requirements.  Most insurance companies require the package to be missing from 21-30 days from the original ship date before they will allow a claim to be filed.  We would need to send the customer paperwork to fill out and sign in order to submit the claim.  The claim review process is then typically 10-14 days.  If the claim is approved for payout then once we receive the reimbursement from the insurance company we can refund the order. If you chose not to select insurance on your order there is no recourse or reimbursement.  Reimbursement only happens if the claim is approved by the insurance company.  Shipping insurance only covers packages while in transit.  If the tracking shows delivered the insurance company is unlikely to approve the claim.  Spyder Robotics is not responsible for lost or stolen packages (shipping terms).  

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