Why are so many models out of stock?

Due to the effects of Covid-19 on the manufacturing industry there has been large electronic component shortages.  Not only were factories shut down or working at reduced hours but also the shipping industry went through changes causing long delays.  We have seen parts that typically we could obtain in a week would have 6 month hold times. We are navigating these challenges and sourcing components from other companies but the shipping is often the last hurdle.    We are hoping those channels start moving shortly.  To add to this in 2020 to present our sales are up more than 50%.  Each time a stimulus payment comes out our orders go through the roof.   This high demand alongside the shortage of parts finally caught up to us causing models to go out of stock before our next round of components to build more has come in.  We are very grateful for the demand and sales and hope that people will be patient with us while we work through these unforseen challenging times.


-Dion Brewington

Owner, Spyder Robotics

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