SpyderWeb connected to Wi-Fi but problems accessing it.

Problems when trying to connect to a Herpstat SpyderWeb model that is already connected to the Wi-Fi network: 

Sometimes home routers reorganize the ip addresses and it may have changed the ip address assigned to the Herpstat SpyderWeb.  To confirm which ip address the Herpstat received do the following:

Press the minus button on the Herpstat SpyderWeb unit to toggle the status displays until you see the Wi-Fi status screen. 

There it will show the ip address that the Herpstat received from your router.  Make sure your phone/tablet/pc is connected to your home network and type the ip address that is displayed on the Herpstat LCD into your web browser. 

If you have confirmed the ip address from above and it does not access it then its most likely something quirky in the web browser cache. Try clearing the browser cache.  Here are some links to other sites explaining that process that may help.

Android phones:




After clearing the browser cache reboot the phone/tablet/pc, wait for it to connect to your home network,  and try accessing the ip address that is listed on the Herpstat's wifi status screen.

Keep in mind that all settings are available from the device itself so if for some reason you have an issue with the wifi web browser method you can adjust the options through the physical device to get things going.

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