How to reset the admin password on a SpyderWeb model.

How to reset the admin password for a Herpstat SpyderWeb model:

On the physical device go into the menu and select the Wi-Fi option.

Select Reset Admin PW

Change the option to Yes and press the ENTER button.

This will reset the password back to the default of spyderadmin

Exit the menu.  

Press the minus button on the Herpstat SpyderWeb unit to toggle the status displays until you see the Wi-Fi status screen. 

There it will show the ip address that the Herpstat received from your router.  Make sure your phone/tablet/pc is connected to your home network and type the ip address that is displayed on the Herpstat LCD into your web browser. 

It should bring up the login screen and it will walk you through the setup wizard. 

You will need to change the password and verify your email again.

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