Herpstat Firmware Upgrade

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Models that can be flashed:

Herpstat 1 Basic, Herpstat 1, Herpstat 1 Redline  (pcb version 3)

Herpstat 2, Herpstat 2 Redline

note: (Firmware 5.0+ will remove red led glow light functions in Herpstat 1/2 Redline models)

Herpstat 4 (version 2)

Herpstat 6

Please contact us at sales@spyderrobotics.com with your current firmware version first to determine if your device is compatible.   The units will display the current firmware version when first plugged up.

Add this item to the cart and checkout.  The upgrade is required to be a seperate order so do not add additional items to the cart.  After you complete the order you will receive an email with your order number.  Use the order number as the return number.  Box up and ship the unit through your local post office.  You will need to pay for the shipping to us at the post office.  This order includes the return shipping payment.  

Ship the product to:

Spyder Robotics LLC
Attn:  Firmware Upgrade #(your order number)
PO BOX 100
Chana IL 61015

You must ship through your local post office since we have a PO BOX for returns.  Do not use another carrier.

Once we receive the unit we will upgrade the firmware and retest the unit.  This modification is for fully functional thermostats (not damaged units).  If you have a thermostat that needs other repairs contact us at sales@spyderrobotics.com.

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