Repair Request (RMA)

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READ THIS FIRST!! By completing the RMA Request you agree to the following terms:

Before sending the unit in for repair you have contacted Spyder Robotics LLC support through email ( and have been directed to send the unit in for repair. If a product failure is suspected before contacting support basic troubleshooting should be completed.

If you return your product to Spyder Robotics LLC for warranty service proof of purchase may be required.

Non-Warranty repairs are available. Contact support for cost/fee's estimate.

You agree that if the product is not damaged that you will pay the return shipping charges which will be billed as a paypal invoice and can be paid via credit card or paypal account through the paypal website.

Products to be returned to Spyder Robotics LLC must be returned with initial shipping and insurance prepaid by the purchaser. Spyder Robotics LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments. 

Add the Repair Request to your cart and continue with the checkout process. The webstore will have you log in if you have an existing account. IMPORTANT: IF YOU LOG INTO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IN YOUR ACCOUNT IS CORRECT.  If you do not have an account it will prompt you through the process of creating one. During the checkout process there is a section for comments.  Insert a brief description of the problem there.  After completing the checkout process you will receive an automated email with an order number which will be the RMA number. Ship the product using the United States Postal Service (your local post office) to:

Spyder Robotics LLC
attn: RMA# ________
PO Box 100
Chana IL 61015

You can check on your repair status through your webstore account. Repair status and return tracking information will be added when the device is shipped back.

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