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The Herpstat 4 features four probe & outlet jacks which are individually configurable. Safety was our goal with this device. We added a mechanical relay that can be enabled to cut the power circuit to all four outlets in case a solid state component fails. Humidity control is also built into this device which can be as simple as timed misting sessions or full humidity control with our optional humidity sensor. We've added a soft startup feature to slowly add power on initial starts as well as a user selectable ramping between day and night time temperature settings as well as light ramping. A new revolutionary auto power matching algorithm constantly adjusts the power output to get the best regulation possible. High and low temperature tracking now also records the time and day of the event. 

Version 2 added features include a new fanless control board for silent operation, Basking Assist mode that now provides compatibility with heating lamps as a heat source, both Dimming and Pulse proportional heating modes and a replacable power cord.

The Herpstat 4 comes with four temperature probes and power cord. Optional humidity sensing probes are available.

Dimensions: 8.2" wide x 2.2" tall x 6.25" deep (additional space required for cords exiting the back).

Check out the User's Manual  for screen shots of the setup procedure. 


·Four grounded outlets capable of true proportional heating. 

·Constantly monitors and adjusts amount of heat necessary to maintain a target temperature (Usable range from 40°F to 150°F or 4°C to 65°C). 

·Outputs 1 & 2 configurable for Heating/Cooling/Lighting. Outputs 3 & 4 can be configured for Heating/Cooling/Humidity/Lighting with simulated sunrise/sunset and moonlight features. 

·Humidity control with timed sessions or regulated with an optional sensor. 

·Silent fanless design 

·Basking assist feature supports basking lights as a heat source. 

·Safety Relay can disconect power to all four outlets if the an error exists. 

·Soft startup slowly applies power during initial warmups. 

·User selectable temperature and light ramping allows day to night changes to occur slowly. (Up to 10 hours) 

·Sensor Matching allows the user to digitally calibrate the sensor output to match other equipment. 

·Night Drop feature built in with real time clock allows individual night drop settings for each output. 

·Cooling function allows control of basic cooling devices. 

·High / Low temperature tracking helps monitor heating system and enclosure efficiency. 

·Individually selectable High / Low temperature threshold alarms. 

·Precision sensors with internal resolution of .1125 °F and is accurate to ± .9 °F 

·Display and setting in tenths of a degree. 

·All settings are retained in memory even if power is lost. 

·Power Outage detection / tracking. 

·Temperature can be set / displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

·Easy to read backlit LCD display. 

·Removable sensors allow for easy replacement if necessary. 

·Each output is fused separately keeping an outage on one output from affecting the other. 

·Audible alarm system 

·Internal error detection shuts off heat if sensor fails or is disconnected. 

·Security Passcode option deters vandals. 

·400 Watt rating for each output (1600 watts total output) sufficient for most incubators, rack systems, enclosures, and vivariums. 

·1 year limited warranty

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